St Petersburg day 3

It’s not just the grand architecture of the Metro which makes it so special but the polite and warm attitudes of busy Russians during peak times. Russian men offering seats and warm smiles for women who sit there. This is the same everywhere we have been, unfailing calm and patience.

Not pretending that it’s a perfect city when you visit as a tourist but I love it here. Our beautiful guide took us to a great place to eat Russian pies where she goes, just like our guide yesterday she is really proud of her city and country, she wants to share it with visitors.

We briefly visited Tsarskoe Selo (just outside St Petersburg) today which was absolutely packed with tourists. It was shocking & distressing to see pictures of German soldiers standing around the wreckage they were causing and taking photos. There is a dedicated program of restoration ongoing and they are doing a wonderful job.

Apparently there are stables somewhere in the gardens/parks where St Petersburg families can bring their children for horse riding lessons. My nephew will be delighted to hear this and I will investigate St Petersburg residency / citizenship, I don’t mind tagging along too. 

Victory day processions are family oriented too, they can join in at the end after the military processions and have a wonderful time.
We have booked a 5hr performance of Crime & Punishment tmrw, don’t think back will survive but can attempt at least. 

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