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Beautiful weather again with sun kissed snow showers falling lightly along the banks of the River Neva.
We had the best city tour I’ve ever been on, our tour guide was intelligent, informative and happy to throw in personal anecdotes. When we visited St Nicholas Cathedral, she was happy to share the history within the context of her own religious views which was very interesting. 
There was something about ordinary St Petersburg residents popping in and out of the building to remember and say prayers for departed loved ones that makes it easier to try and understand a kind of spiritual concept of devotion. 
With Victory day parades 2 days ago, they interviewed a 97 yr old St Petersburg resident who remembers the siege and subsequent defeat. 
The military medical academy which completes world class research across many years also has clinical services available to St Petersburg residents. It partners with St Petersburg State University as well. There are approx 200 museums here.
We briefly visited the Russia Museum which houses a fantastic art collection and the building itself has incredibly intricate paintings:

One of my relatives was a builder and wants to know about Russian cupolas – the Church of the Spilled Blood has magnificent examples:

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