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Whether eLearning or f2f or both, I have found these common to many learners in earlier phase of learning:
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  1. How do I find it (system / software name) ?
  2. How do I open it?
  3. How do I login?
  4. What am I looking at e.g. what are the key boxes, spaces, buttons, links, where are they placed on the screen?
  5. What new language or key words do I need to learn to understand more e.g. field, post, window, tab, link, save, add, edit ?
  6. What metaphors or analogies are similar or relevant to my world and my contexts e.g. icons similar to app icons, magazine layout?
  7. What are the steps to complete a task?
  8. How can I go back if I press the wrong thing or close something by mistake?
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