I like taekwondo & the community

Interesting to read about Southern Chinese martial arts community and values, similar to the ITF & WTF Korean ones. http://wp.me/p2D2rD-1BF

A Killing Art and a constant range of non tkd martial artists criticise taekwondo (rightly, as far as I can understand) but I still like it and glad I have continued with it. We do have a respectful community within clubs & wider society on the whole. And we are often there for each other even when others annoy us for whatever reason.

Every day we can be humiliated and our weaknesses exploited including by other martial artists. e.g. an aikido movement yesterday by a friend which I didn’t block correctly…but we do try to become better, train harder – because others before us have shown it is possible. And it does apply across other martial arts. It doesn’t have to be deeply philosophical – just kind adaptations. And that’s not unique to any martial art or its heritage/ lack of it/violence of it.

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