Hip and leg conditioning

Master Worsfold & another coach noticed I am corkscrewing roundhouse / turning kicks at the moment i.e. moving shoulders too early and overreaching from back with little rotation on hips.
This is common in new starters, people who are stiff from injury, age or similar but essential to overcome to fight in competition and reach head height especially people taller than yourself. No rotation = off balance & little power as well.
This is a suggested exercise from coach excuse these rare videos/photos – am not planning to take this up as a career – for good performance videos try Eric Cressey, Kwon Kicker and Elastic Steel on YouTube

Apparently he does the above whilst cleaning his teeth! Another exercise – sitting on floor, legs bent – bring your feet towards you whilst putting weight / pressure on knees to push them to floor – e.g. put bag of sugar on each knee or even elbows on knees

For general leg conditioning – side kick in air, above waist height if possible and hold for 10, 20, 30 seconds and longer. If needed, can use resistance bands to hold the stretch e.g.

Alternatively hold onto partner or wall. I will be doing these for several months and see progress then adapt if needed.

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