I deleted the scripts that I added and decided to start from scratch. Partly as I have no capacity to learn another language at the moment (e.g. Chatscript AIML) and in the interests of world peace, I have decided that a bot (Roe) and I will learn Russian together. After all kids pick up two languages easily so ‘Roe’ will probably learn quicker than me !
I haven’t made it public yet but this is an example:
I don’t know if this is correct and haven’t tested but in AIML it might be along the lines of

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<aiml version = "1.0.1" encoding ="UTF-8"?>
            <li> Hello! </li>
            <li> Hi there ! </li>
 <pattern>HI Russian</pattern>
            <li> Do you speak Russian?  </li>
            <li> да, я говорю по рчсски  </li>
      </template><category> </aiml></xml>
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