Taekwondo CL Coaching Day 3 Assessed Practical

Everyone in our group passed the practical today, it was a really nice group and friendly atmosphere throughout. Everyone chose different activities / kicks. We were advised to keep it simple so it ranged from axe, spinning back hooks & side kicks, 360 jumping turning kicks to basic blocks, some basic wrist work, patterns and leg control. It was like being in a small seminar. It feels like we’ve been in a fight day due to the range of activities and each session was 20 minutes, including a warm up, main session and cool down then 5 min break between sessions. Everyone was really nice to each other and tried really hard. Apparently on some previous sessions, coaches have said I’d like you to pretend you’re 5, 8, 10 yrs old and telling that to a bunch of martial artists in a small room who don’t get many play days off, you can imagine…

I’m meeting Master Worsfold tomorrow and our new club secretary soon to plan out the inclusive taekwondo,  arrange publicity and training sessions for the senior belts. I don’t know if we will have anyone at the Para Taekwondo in London in October, unlikely at this point but who knows. British Nationals are back in the velodrome in Manchester in September and who knows for that as well. Apparently you now need a global athlete licence (GAL).

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