Month: Apr 2017

Switching job roles

I am in the process of moving across to be eLearning Adviser for mostly Life Sciences and Psychology departments.  It will be very interesting to support the health teaching and research which ranges from psychology, therapy, health and sports sciences to ecology and anthropology….

Top 10 tools for learning directory

Jane Hart of C4LPT has been organising this for many years. There is a very comprehensive directory and the recommended tools are used by eLearning designers, developers, other educators and interested others. I haven’t done for a number of years and these are some…

Recovery from back injuries

Regardless of severity, unless it’s really not physically possible , I walk on the day it happens and every day after minimum twice a day. Even if not 100% vertically. This time I am doing yoga cat, cow and child as well as knee…


A healthy one: Mine:

Brave knights or saints needed?

Once upon a little time ago, a few men found themselves in an American valley. Let’s make dragons. And so they did, gradually inviting other dragon makers from the UK and elsewhere. But they really didn’t have a plan beyond the dragons. Very soon…

Inclusive coaching update

Each Saturday in May,  we are running a free informal 30 min session at 12.30pm for students or interested others to work out wheelchair movements.  Master Worsfold also teaches Tai Chi and his military experience means we will run as a mixed martial art…

Software and systems training structure

Whether eLearning or f2f or both, I have found these common to many learners in earlier phase of learning: How do I find it (system / software name) ? How do I open it? How do I login? What am I looking at e.g….