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Back in early 2000s the phrase ‘blended learning’ began to be used more widely. At the Marsden with a colleague we decided to reuse and try to make the idea for trainers or anyone involved in learning design really explicit. We started a learning commissioning guide but did not get the oppportunity to develop further – these are some screenshots from an early Articulate Storyline 2 draft based around the television show Masterchef.

We were asked yesterday to put together a training session for induction with academics or those interested in new technologies and how they can be used to enhance / improve learning. I suggested doing an actual blend with a blender – learning ‘smoothies’ based on different choices participants made e.g. class sizes range from raspberry sized to much larger blueberry sized (i.e. we could fit more blueberries on a plate than raspberries). And so on. We piloted it this afternoon and made an actual smoothie and it seemed to go down well – we weren’t sure if it would be too silly / patronising but the smoothie was appreciated.
We will probably try again in the future. My colleague also found that University of South Wales have done something similar in the past too.

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