On picking battles 

Not really sure what I’ve learnt about campaigning in the past few years but the Indian article hits home for campaigning friends.
So my battles are / continue to be – until the end of time or we win

  1. NHS – publicly funded, provided, accountable
  2. Inclusivity in martial arts – not so much of a battle as most agree it’s good thing but actually finding ways to make it happen.
  3. Moreincommon both Sutton group and anything I can do to support people’s understanding and appreciation of Russia, Russians and Russian life/culture. As my Russian language improves, this will get easier. Why?  because I don’t know anyone around me who is right now and social/traditional media can be challenged on a very noticeable tone and bias.
  4. Environment & public health, helping Savetherhino or related- probably not going back to full on Transition Towns activity but can support ideas and events where possible.

Any other campaigning will have less priority, attention.

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