#Moreincommon Sutton update

So good to meet tonight. We are still a very fledgling group but there is a will to help try and address division and marginalisation.

There is a London #Moreincommon podcast by another group: 


We are planning a workshop in May/June and part of another Sutton event in July.

The group is unanimous in continuing to have its identity as #Moreincommon as we are not part of the direct action of #Hopenothate and all of volunteers in group are identifying more with more community cohesion. People get confused between the two.

Related –  assuming I pass my taekwondo coaching course and even if I move soon, will be putting out feelers for an outdoors mixed martial arts open day in / near Sutton. If possible this summer. I will discuss with different people connected to London / Surrey taekwondo as well as other arts.

This could be linked to #Moreincommon but will see if there is interest first. We have different East European, Russian, south & East Asian in Sutton and our big sister ‘area’ Croydon. There are also smaller communities who are migrants from many countries. It could be fun – a mix of demos and free training for anyone that wants.

We struggled this year in Cornwall with the camp but more martial artists back in the UK in 2018. This would be much smaller and great opportunity to meet / train with others too. 

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