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This includes from yesterday – I have now successfully exported the missing portfolios from our local installation. So for installation and access to a local Mahara ePortfolio system with exportable portfolios in html / leap format for IIS (& probably will work for ZAMPP with some changes). We were constrained by only being able to use IIS at IT’s request.

  1. Install PHP in Program Files (Program Files x86) on your C Drive (php 5.3 minimum for Mahara)
  2. Install MySql workbench
  3. Enable the required Mahara extensions in the php.ini file (i.e. remove the 😉: gd (include Freetype support), curl, pgsql OR mysqli (we used mysqli), openssl and xmlrpc, mcrypt, zip and unzip utilities,  imagick, adodb, zlib, zip, bz2 and save file.
  4. Add this line extension_dir=”c:\ Program Files (x86) \PHP” or wherever you have your PHP program files; in php.ini file and save file.
  5. Open the Mahara SQL file (the data dump with a .sql file extension at the end) in Notepad++ . Delete or comment out (I deleted) any definer clauses using find / Ctrl+F and save file.
  6. Open MySQL workbench and create a new schema (right click e.g. on an existing one and press Create new schema).
  7. Go to Data Import / Restore
    screenshot of mysql workbench top menu
  8. Select your .sql file and import (don’t forget to select your schema to import it into before pressing import)
  9. You need to connect your installation with the PHP. To add PHP to the PATH, go to Control Panel – System – Advanced System Settings – Environment Variables – System Variables, scroll down and click on Path then edit. Add the location of PHP (not the mahara installation, just the actual PHP program) onto the end of the list.
  10.  Open up a web browser and type localhost/www/index.php. You should then see your Mahara site login page appear. This assume your Mahara site has all the correct files on the C drive e.g. in C: Inetpub/wwwroot….  If you see that you get error pages with localhost/www twice in each line, comment out wwwroot line in the config.php file that starts
    $cfg->httpswwwroot =
  11. If you have any default messages on your site such as site closed for temporary upgrade, remove the message in the config.php file and type
    update config set value='0' where field='siteclosedbyadmin';
  12. Login and browse your Mahara site. If there any export errors, check that this code is in your config.php and there is a bin folder on your C drive (create new folder if not and put your zip / unzip files in there)

$cfg->pathtounzip = 'C:/bin/unzip.exe';
$cfg->pathtozip = 'C:/bin/zip.exe';


Update – my colleague was able to install this on the hosted version once we had removed the definer clauses as this was what caused the privileges errors when we first tried this before installing on a local server.

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