Attempts to locally install mahara following change of eportfolio platform

To cut a long story short, we are currently attempting to install an old version of the open source Mahara ePortfolios onto a local server. IT were unable to assist and both my web knowledge and my colleagues are a little rusty. The data has been provided by the previous third party partner last year when the university moved to a different ePortfolios platform (Edublogs / CampusPress). The files have since been transferred as a ‘data dump‘ onto Sharepoint but some portfolios were missing so we are unsure of the accuracy of the overall data as the external partner is unable to give us server admin permissions without compromising their security. My colleague was able to install MySQL and the Mahara data into a new MySQL database. He installed IIS and PHP but then was unable to progress further. We put the db details into the PHP config file but unable to connect via http://localhost/www/index.php
So I have done the following after much searching including this on installing / configuring.  We enabled php extensions and I added the extension directory in php.ini file in the PHP (e.g. C: Program Files (x86) / PHP on Windows) and checked more on why they were not loading, which turned out to be a PATH issue becuase we had not added PHP to the list of variables.
To add PHP to the PATH, go to Control Panel – System – Advanced System Settings – Environment Variables – System Variables, scroll down and click on Path then edit. Add the location of PHP (not the mahara installation, just the actual PHP program) onto the end of the list.

The login page then appeared but incorrectly formatted and was not talking to any dynamic elements of the page so e.g. you couldn’t login because there was no login box. I used Developer tools and noticed that we were getting a localhost/www twice in each line. I commented out the wwwroot line in the config.php file that starts
$cfg->httpswwwroot =

The presentation elements of the page are now displaying and we have additional database errors with usernames once we tried a login so we’re nearly there.

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