Tkd coaching update 

I did bits of 2 planned sessions and split at Master Worsfold’s request to focus with some new joiners. It was ok, good to concentrate on stepping to side of opponent. Master Worsfold is happy with my progression and wants me to work on more spontaneous stuff e.g he suddenly hands over class and I need to find an appropriate activity that leads on from what they’ve just done regardless of what was planned.

Managed to totally embarass myself and alarm new parents by asking the class to take their uniforms off instead of body armour /hogu – which I will not be allowed to forget! Master Worsfold also suggested not to make too technical for new ones generally and find balance with just having a go / let it develop naturally.

Had a really good chat with one of 4th Dans and Master Worsfold about splitting class and progression. They pointed out that it depends who turns up which is good point. 

Even though formal observations now done, will be carrying on helping out as well as more training and can rethink about inclusive coaching again. 

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