elearning workshop at the Marsden 

Warmup – I will say zis only once – split room into 4 x memory games. 1 x audio with headphones listening to message from Michelle of the French Resistance, 1 x table with various French Allo Allo objects, 1 x pictures (not from Allo Allo), 1 x text only eLearning quotes (aka the brainwashing table). 

Comments – audio and objects were easiest, text hardest. Easier when you could group things,  easier when you have context (“I remembered Michelle so could picture her saying it”). For people new to elearning, quotes v abstract amd pictures no grouping.

This led into group discussion and I explained gestalt principles and visual design / perception, then mind mapping in relation to grouping. We looked at examples of good elearning including from Cathy Moore’s blog.

Then main focus of day was experimentation using H5P mostly in our learning hub. There was a lot of peer-peer to support and some 1:1 guidance or group demos from me as needed. Everyone had great ideas for what they wanted to do, some wrote mind maps for planning.

I will miss the fab people whom it’s been a privilege to work alongside and we may well do stuff together in the future, especially my fellow inspiration, hopefully future co-conspirator and rebel:

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