Why the British establishment can never represent a national interest

Around 250,000 of us and 000s more on twitter did yesterday in London. We can because our generations not just built public services, we keep them running for the benefit of everyone.

It’s very disturbing to learn that Boris “greed is good” Johnson who repeated a £350million a week for the NHS lie over months, is heading to Russia for talks.

The establishment have been selling off publicly owned services, infrastructures and industries in pursuit of their own private wealth – Theresa May publicly stole police pensions and infrastructure within days at the Home Office.

It’s not just our country they steal from. I lived in Turkey during an economic crash and when they opened up land purchasing for foreign citizens, the British conservatives amongst others came charging in. 

There were several members of the British establishment at a political talk at Pushkin House. All they could talk about was when they could get their hands on Russian assets. 

The British establishment has been representing itself and never national interests for hundreds of years. Tony Benn born into it, knew his own kind

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