People’s Uni and 2nd module update

Some further amends including clearer numbering, explanation areas and possible removal of somewhat confusing future of pharma section to be completed for first module shortly.
Met with University of Surrey colleagues today to begin to plan 2nd module. This is a different set up as there may be a) a formal partnership with People University and a module / taught module via online learning
b) no module
c) link to module from People’s Uni and no branding
d) branded open online module – ooc
One of my colleagues has begun contact with Uni of Surrey colleagues to check re clearance, branding, attribution as we can’t proceed further before then. Uni of Surrey have a partnership in China and students from across Eastern Europe, Russia & Central Asia so there are a range of possibilities even for a short module. It may depend on where, when, how Surrey is considering strategic partnerships e.g. like the DUFE initiative.
A module topic is based on what would be relevant and also what would be relevant that can be completed alongside existing research / teaching commitments (e.g. something that they can develop quickly / in short batches). For example they have many years experience across African countries but also more recently some Eastern European / Central Asia.  So this is all in theory based on their previous and existing work:

Possible topics / subtopics
Regulation and Management of water supplies
Risk based approaches to water monitoring and surveillance
Water supplies in peri-urban settlements
Transmission routes, survival in environments
Laboratory analysis
Water treatment
Possible audiences
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Eastern and Southern Africa
Issues / items for further investigation
Translation of languages e.g. historically produced in English for African content, for EE / CEA it will also need Russian (Nicola to mitigate / sort)
Further discussion with WHO re advocacy
WHO, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UNIS existing training materials
Accreditation routes if wanted
Links with Environmental Health

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