Coaching Session 1

First session over. It is very different to juniors as there were 2 rows of black belts, many of whom are more senior / experienced than me. Everyone was very kind and good humoured in spite of it being a bit of a rabble – in a good way, good to see some people enjoying themselves!  Have to shout more than I thought – Master  Mark makes it look easy 🙂 

I was out on the timings a bit, some of the drills finished quicker than I thought and I would re think doing poomsae Il Jang in pairs as it takes quite a bit of working out for the partner to block, punch/strike, kick in opposition to the poomsae partner.

The application / budo is essential though and there may be a better way of practising that. There are some tendencies in tkd to split into either poomsae or kyorugi which I want to avoid, don’t want poomsae to be some kind of dance – sorry WTF but I didn’t start in tkd to do rhythmic gymnastics as a sport.

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