GB Taekwondo Coaching Day 2

Another interactive and full-on day, it has been well taught. There are a number of self study tasks to be completed in addition to the 4 planned sessions and assessment.

This morning was about techniques, skills, performance development / improvement and then how to plan a series of progressive sessions. It’s easy to unintentionally plan (and subsequently fail) to achieve the impossible in this series because there are many coaching points.

At the moment I’m splitting into position, breathing, placement, space (before progressing to movement) and I will discover better technical terms over the next few days.

Some time on self esteem and 3 hours on safeguarding this afternoon – lots of practical issues that I need to think about including use of drugs/enhancements and safeguarding.

Aside from politics and cheating temporarily – I was trying to imagine a scenario where there are no banned substances or enhancements but any use or adaptation which affects the body as in a clinical trial is available in real time as national & international data. The UK consent process would be more adequate and clinically accountable (theoretically),  better early signals of adverse effects. 

However from safeguarding perspective this doesn’t cover absent knowledge of long term effects (e.g. like a new cancer drug where there hasn’t been enough long term use to know yet) and how a temporary modification in a child could reduce their life quality or worse as a young adult or older.

Wider, more open knowledge of substances or enhancements may lead to data that could provide therapies, cures or vaccines for other areas. The increase in citizen science self reporting through apps makes it more feasible.

However, does it make the costs & time compared to anti doping better, will companies producing enhancements report adequately in their clinical trials to provide enough data for consent which is also safeguarded for athletes and even if with a no banned list, would people still do things under the radar? 

Don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable enough with the safeguarding aspects. And where is a line drawn in a martial art and improved self esteem with Courtesy Integrity Self Control Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit.

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