GB Taekwondo Coaching Day 1

I asked friend who specialises in specific learning needs about ‘Intellectual’ classification and she said that Neurodiverse is better so will change it to that. 


Asked to think about coaching philosophy – unique to a coach – not sure yet but will be more to martial arts as developing self esteem and applicability outside of poomsae and kyorugi competitions preparation and participation.

The assessed practical on day 3 will be coaching the course attendees – all of whom are higher grades, a couple on elite scene, most running their own clubs for years – hmmm. 

At the moment,  in theory I will be coaching them on doing axe kicks but will see how the 4 sessions go over the next month or so.

Did hear one comment from behind us about someone going to do 540 kicks just for the comedy factor so it promises to be entertaining.

Today covered aspects of risk assessment and safety, how to prepare a session, insurance elements because the course is managed by British Taekwondo and competitions are WTF not Kukkiwon which are different.

Interesting that coaching can include different approaches internationally depending on what is legal or not there and preferences so if you do have some who takes part in international events, worth reviewing even though they will be training with national squads etc

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