2nd Dan preparation

I don’t need to learn the next Dan poomsae but as I’ve not trained properly in a few years will be 

a) hopefully returning to live in town near club so I can train & coach several times a week and return to being a martial artist instead of a semi excuse for one.

Cook Ding’s Lenten Challenge in Spring will be a good moment to shake off more dust.

b) do yoga exercises daily, my physio who used to do tkd recommended in place of pilates for now and said use a yoga app so I’ve started this wkd/week.

c) probably start another martial art at least once a week (depending on location).

d) possibly start zen meditation again – I briefly went to classes in Leeds so may do very short sessions at home. 

e) learn the next Dan poomsae anyway 🙂 

All of the above will eat into all personal time so will reduce the size and frequency of online portions. Existing online commitments will continue and I have offered to help some other NHS staff so not quite sure how it will pan out but that’s the plan.

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