People’s Uni Product Development module – soft launch

There are some minor content edits and structure has changed a little attached.

There may be an additional networking/partners case study but it’s good enough for road testing. We – i.e. content contributors are aware that it’s a) interaction-limited – partly deliberate due to connectivity elsewhere  b) in English and c) we will soon find out if potential learners find it suitable enough to want to achieve their learning outcomes.

As an eLearning ‘person’, trainer and educator I am generally happy with review processes and I should point out that as someone once fell asleep in a training session I ran (not one I was paid to deliver and he was 80!), we will see what they think – hopefully we will get that level of honest evaluation!

Some small personal changes ongoing and more small ones imminent but hope to return to recently neglected Russian language learning next week. Then catch up with contributors for second Peoples’ Uni module later in January.

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