Learners’ underground

warning – minor philosophical rambling post

I have been asked to run an eLearning workshop loosely based around the phrase “listen very carefully I shall say this only once” from the Allo Allo sitcom used by the female local leader of the French Resistance.  This fits neatly with another presentation I’m doing on technologies and learning which includes some references to adaptive learning, so why not!

Technology companies have often used the concept of learner revolution, resistance etc to promote their products where learners ‘are in control’ against the authority – traditionally teacher /lecturer. This concept is flawed and I believe a new learner underground will continue to evolve. If authorities in adaptive learning systems are algorithms, then learners will evolve but not necessarily in ways that those who write algorithms (including machine only) and those who are knowledgeable in a series of concepts would like them to evolve.

There has always been a conflict between humans who would like to explore / experiment with currently ‘hardware’, ‘software’ and those who imperialistically suggest that everything needs an algorithm in order to create a better world.

Nicholas Carr in October 2016. Where I differ significantly from Nicholas Carr is that I doubt Google’s motivations entirely.

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