Pharma Product Development update

Latest version below – the case studies and EUPATI links will not work unless you have access to the site. If anyone you know wants to review these as well, please contact me to be added (email address required).

It has now been through first major content review from a couple of colleagues, one who is in pharma currently, used to work for MHRA and actively involved in EMA regulatory groups etc and one who is a current pharmacist, educator and previously on the General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK. So it’s passed the “is this a load of rubbish removed from reality” first test. One of the co-founders from People’s Uni has also done a first review and is ok with so far.  A followup test will be with students of People’s Uni who can confirm whether it’s removed from reality from their cirumstances in their countries.  The environmental conditions page has been reviewed and approved by environmental health colleagues who will be writing the water sanitation and environmental health module next year.

3rd & 4th reviewers are pharma colleagues who haven’t been able to review due mainly to Brexit and aftermath of June vote. So I have suggested that we soft launch as is with some of our target audience – previous alumni initially – at end of December and see if 3&4 have had a chance to input by mid January.


Outstanding work (if there were no significant changes from others)

  1. Does my idea matter page – improve it
  2. Liability chart image – needs explanation – this will probably be based around one example of a plant
  3. Networking section – I have 2 colleagues that will be contacting to see if they can input any suggestions.

It is still a huge amount of content and for anyone that has ever visited and run screaming from a drug regulator website for any reason, this is very difficult to avoid but hopefully the scaffolding structure will help make it more manageable. We will know soon enough from our alumni reviewers.

Planning for the environmental health module will begin in mid/late January and will be more straightforward than this module. They have agreed to write the module regardless of obtaining any funds to extend the People’s University work more formally, and there may be opportunities to explore with EurAsian colleagues. I am continuing to learn Russian so hope to be confident with basic conversation in early 2017. I am about to go and start write very basic sentences with simple nouns, verbs and adjectives and will be using part of the Christmas period to continue studying. This will mean I can write emails.

I have also spoken to my colleague who is a co-founder of People’s University and mentioned that on the pharma module we had iterated backwards without involving our target audience from the beginning but we decided that because this has been very informal development, it can still easily iterate once they have begun their review late December. If major changes come in from my external reviewers then because it is a primer and individual Moodle pages, they are relatively easy to move and edit so should hopefully not impact on the subsequent module.



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