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Have spoken with fantastic instructors this year who are doing amazing work to make different martial arts available to many different needs and abilities.
I have started preparation with my tkd club, this beautifully drawn document is part of a programme I’ve been asked to write based around tkd / sport classifications. Master Mark has asked me to break it down further into military classifications e.g. exercises/activities for tetra/quadriplegia.

After reading part of a Russian journal on physical education and sport tonight, am once again reminded of the huge contribution of Russian physical education to our modern sports and some of my stick ppl exercises/stretches come from generations of those to next generations.
I stand by everything I have said to date, I probably won’t comment again re whatever is in McLaren rpt. As before I really want to see Russia continue to take or extend a leading role in combining pharmacology where appropriate as well as physiology/physical therapy/ed in innovative ways, from their generations of scientific research. 
So others can go running, cartwheeling, somersaulting like I did as a child and I can see in our young students now. Less politics, more fun.

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