Month: Dec 2016

some more pics

Surrey hills are different to Yorkshire Dales – photos don’t show but there are some quite steep ridges and decent views from the top of them, especially on clear days.  

Peace and strength to all your hearts and limbs

May the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017 bring enough to see us all through I am a martial artist:

Pharma Product Development update

Latest version below – the case studies and EUPATI links will not work unless you have access to the site. If anyone you know wants to review these as well, please contact me to be added (email address required). It has now been through…


Developing Information Governance for a small political organisation from scratch

After Clive’s campaign had finished in Witney, I offered to help NHA Party with setting up information governance processes for the party. At the time, the Information Commissioners Office had guidance for non-profit organisations in multiple places, but now have an excellent self-assessment toolkit:…

Quick win – H5P and Totara / Moodle

We will be creating some videos with assessment questions for staff that are new to the Trust and need to learn different health/hospital IT system applications. They need to be signed off as competent to use after training. We will be screenrecording with narration…

LMS rules and roles vs operational rules and roles

After informal consultation with different staff groups I have developed a workaround where the learning management system rules and roles do not fit the operational practices of some of our staff groups. There are different options with open source systems where you could potentially re-code the…