Back to basics – plank

So internal abdominal and sacral muscles seem either asleep or non existent, so going back to basics.

Used to be able to hold a plank position comfortably so starting again. the one I was taught in taekwondo is where you keep your stomach as low to the ground as possible or lower in phases if not possible for full hold.

Will continue up until end of 2016 and hope to successfully practice and hold different bridge postures in 2017 if not before.

Similar to mid section roundhouse where you stand & keep yourself as flat against the wall as possible then kick the wall. You can do it without abdominal strength but you won’t be turning as efficiently.

I prefer these older basic methods of training.

Brick update – got some bricks,my landlady begged me to start with brick roof tiles. Tried a few cautious punches and made one tiny crack. May tape up knuckles before trying again, having re-acclimatised to being a soft southerner 🙂 

Not a stranger to knuckles with blood esp from my third fight & general punching practice but immediately opening old wound is tedious. Cannot afford to completely go for it because need fingers for typing more than recovery of broken ones delaying everything.

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