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The university is delivering a 3 part showcase of research projects on delivering global wellbeing through science.
There were great posters including research on meditation, ehealth and lung cancer, autism & wellbeing and short talks including
Cardiology and ECG research from Dr Kamalan Jeevaratnam http://www.surrey.ac.uk/fhms/people/atoz/kamalan_jeevaratnam/index.htm who discussed how reliance on QT for regulatory purposes causes challenges with pharma research and why regulatory guideline needs to change
Dr Sharkardokht Jafari, dosimeyry specialist and inventor of Trueinvivo – a new, exciting way to measure radiotherapy using glass beads.She gas kindly agreed to being featured as a case study in the People’s Uni module, which will be available shortly but she has also featured on international media. I spoke with her briefly, an incredible passionate lady dedicated to making treatment affordable back in Afghanistan.

  • https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Shakardokht_Jafari/info
  • http://www.trueinvivo.co.uk/news/

Dr Milton Mermikides creating and producing amazing musical projects from often medical data including his own personal blood data during treatment for leukaemia
Taryn Smith studying vitamin D especially in teenagers, the differences in defining appropriate intake and use of fortified foods including eggs and mushrooms. I didn’t know that mushrooms process vitamin D from sun in very similar way to humans.

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