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A lot still to do ! If anyone is interested in contributed all of the pages, documents and videos are in the back end site development of People’s Uni, please contact me for a login.
Once upon a time..
Have been thinking about liability scenario as a way of tying up first three sections. This is not going to be it, but if it was a game – it may be along these lines (disclaimer I was once a primary teacher)
You wake up one morning covered in blue spots. You go to your local pharmacist in the village
You: Hey
Pharmacist: Hey
You: You sold me those pills yesterday and now I’ve got blue spots. You didn’t tell me I could get blue spots.
Do you?
a) I’m going to sue your pharmacist ass right off, I have 3 lawyers on speed dial
b) Buy something else to get rid of the blue spots
c) walk away
You choose c) for now because you are in a village and have no idea what speed dial is or where you can find a lawyer. Feeling a little blue, you take yourself off for a nice walk in the countryside. You sit down on the edge of field by some woods and decide you’re hungry. You see a bunch of mushrooms. Do you?
a) Eat one because you think they’re the same ones you saw Matt Baker cook with on Countryfile tv programme last week
b) Don’t eat
c) Eat after checking your field guide to mushrooms pocketbook which of course you have with you at all times.
You choose a) and suddenly after an hour or so you notice most of your blue spots have disappeared. You get up and wander over to your uncle’s house across the field. Your aunt is in and you tell her all about your magical appearing & disappearing blue spots. She says you’re kidding and shows you her blue spots. You both wander back over to the wood and she eats a mushroom. Sure enough her blue spots disappear.
Word starts to spread around the village by evening and before long the mushrooms are all gone, before the pharmacist can get anywhere near them and start grinding them into powder. Nobody seems to mind about the large orange dinosaurs that everyone has seen arriving next to the woods snice they ate the mushrooms.
The next day you find another bunch of mushrooms have grown so you decide to take them to the next village’s market and sell them. Getting a little carried away, you make a big sign saying – mushrooms cure cancer and the next thing you know a stranger has bought the whole bunch and walked away.

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