Blood app

This will be going in as a little case study/vignette in an apps development section of the Peoples-Uni module. Summary is

The app started life as an idea 7 years ago following a suggestion by a junior doctor during a training session run by a blood transfusion practitioner in her previous Trust. The doctor talked about the need to have guidelines available at the time of need. The idea was proposed to the NHS Blood Service, the nurse partnered with an NHSBT colleague and worked with an internal developer in the NHS Blood service to create a trial app based on platelets guidance.

They completed extensive literature based and other market research to find out what apps clinicians were using, whether they were likely to use an app for this purpose, what would be a good design. The app was successfully tested by clinicians and other research colleagues. They also conducted post-market surveillance.

They have decided to extend the app to include clinical decision support that will affect patient outcomes, which falls in the scope of regulatory approval as a device. The proposal was resubmitted to the NHS Blood service who approved a larger budget, there was a tender for external developers and a more formal clinical evaluation team from multiple Trusts or practices. The partner has managed the regulatory approval approval to date and the nurse has managed the research, the communications between all the clinical professionals as well as the clinical input into the design and development.

They are aware that now the market has been saturated with many apps but due to the clinician buy-in throughout the process they believe they have a product that others will find helpful. The nurse has identified some unrealistic outputs from the algorithm which they are currently intending to fix before releasing the app to the clinical evaluators shortly.

I have offered to help with promoting it. I don’t think a developer would want to hear that their journey has been 7 years but they both have other full-time jobs and complete research so it is not a guideline for how long it could take. It does show that clinician buy-in is stronger if they are involved from the outset.


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