Breaking bricks

This winter I will be practising boards and hopefully bricks as it’s something that you can just get on with in your own time and I can do in the garden I share.

At the very first tkd session I ever attended (age 37/8) I chatted to one of the female black belts who had some amazing bruises all the way from her hand to elbow. For their black belt they needed to break boards / bricks and she had been practising but not got it fully figured out.

We do some basic thin board breaking (hand and foot) but it has not yet been a requirement for our black belt testing or a particular type of material. I am interested in practising further though, one of the teenagers at our martial arts summer camp had to break half a brick for his tang soo do test. I chatted with a former bricklayer (not martial artist) and he said not all bricks and concrete would be possible to break. I’m meeting some of our other black belts outside of training later this week so will find out what they are doing and take from there.

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