Quick fly through mobile apps, assumptions and design

Firstly – two apps which I use a lot on my phone – easy presentation, minimal typing and selection of anything including navigation. Quick to dip in and out.

screenshots of met office and national rail app

An app I haven’t used for a while but did once whilst collecting lots of NHS clips in a hurry – Evernote – much more text to read , fairly light menu.

screenshot of Evernote mobile app notes list

Can’t find a classic mobile apps versus web article from 2007/8ish but AlistApart one of the best from 2010 (post the debates with Google/Apple rushing along with html5) More in all my bookmarks on everything in the universe up to 2013 – rest still @nicolaavery on Del.ic.ious or whatever it’s called, don’t use now.

So briefly continuing to entertain idea that a mobile app which presented articles could possibly still be a good thing – quick list on mixed links on pain from different journals across Dovepress openaccess & also sample post with lots of links from an amazing doctor in the UK who writes about pain. You could imagine these as a list with preview as in Evernote above. Or a search with tags on different aspects of pain or drugs related to pain management or therapies etc

You could present it with blocks of colour or circles e.g. in examples 1, 2, you can pay attention to e.g. gestalt principles, but these are just one example of psychology and visual perception.


This assumes a lot including 1) that smartphone is affordable, 2) an app is a good idea 3) a busy professional has time to look at it & can navigate it 4) they want to spend time looking at a small device to read.

Taking a few steps back, two examples

gestures and interactions from Near Future Laboratory

ergonomics and interactions from Designing for Humans

Both the above are too brief to go into attention and eye strain for example, so another assumption could be removed which is that a mobile device needs to be touched in some way e.g. using a spoken web instead. Or another assumption that a mobile phone needs to provide the presentation i.e. the articles in a visual or audio format, when instead it could be a mobile delivery mechanism e.g. mobile web server. However it might be a that a local non-mobile server does a better job.




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