Projects update

Royal Marsden

Moving from systems dev on the Learning Hub (our LMS) into business as usual & developing a fun approach to commissioning learning alongside some core learning governance & establishing a network of interests. Additional systems development will involve linking with external providers (in progress) possibly appraisal & revalidation and future links with other Royal Marsden educational facilities.

Regular design & development of modules and a randomised trial of online versus offline – very brief paper to follow at some point in autumn


Had a good discussion with People’s University and decided on a format which will be an open-access ooc with an online discussion open for a specific couple of weeks during which any learners can ask our subject matter experts anything. They have experimented with live classroom format with mixed results due to timezones confusion and also multi-lingual courses in French and Spanish also with mixed results. We discussed translation of materials in advance versus use of learner browser tools and decided to continue in English and see what emerges.

  • Pharma – outline by end of next week – due to the large area it encompasses for a short course, this will be interesting to make it meaningful and case studies/scenarios/examples from MHRA & hopefully EMA. EUPATI have released a patient involvement eLearning program which can be added into Moodle so that will be useful to embed.
  • Mobile & apps innovation – will be linked into pharma course
  • Water sanitation  – meeting this Thursday to discuss

I read an article about doctors being unable to access the latest research. This is common in many countries including UK for possibly similar reasons – time spent with patients & other activities, infrequent or patchy internet access, cost of accessing subscription models for journals & also lack of routes to find research.

I have started to make enquiries with Royal Marsden and the Institute of Cancer Research about developing an app to help disseminate research, with some interest shown. There are many aggregators of research and it still brings back to the same issues that have existed since the early days of mobile phones,  what is the context of the users, what is useful on a small screen, what is ergonomically good design versus other hardware or software formats. I’ve also met with a colleague from the National Institute of Health Research who has been given the go-ahead by MHRA for an app so everything seems to be coming together at the right time.

Chronic pain research is a personal area of research mainly due to a relative with chronic pain over 20 years, that I started to look into years ago , but have not caught up with (arthritis & Parkinson’s). Will be posting soon with ideas once I’ve looked into the last few years of links as an example of information visual display, until further updates from RM & ICR as and when.

Creating a large spreadsheet of martial arts clubs across the Eurovision areas for a separate project and will also be sending to DojoDirectory. Norway is the best country in that there is a map of many different martial arts and where the clubs are located. Aikiweb is the best martial arts resource for a martial arts with a very comprehensive directory of clubs across the world. If anyone wants, it will be online from the weekend.

It’s not a pretty or very comprehensive spreadsheet but will be a starting point – approx 4000 entries for clubs & 230 for federations. Taekwondo clubs have been very difficult to find without looking at individual websites so haven’t and some of the less popular martial arts. Some UK clubs included but not taekwondo (most clubs available via ITF or WTF UK websites). Anything missed is not a political statement just ran out of time or couldn’t find.




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