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The British film industry has a wonderful reputation for producing hard hitting dramas but so few can reach into the guts of humanity in the face of constant political upheaval with a consistent message about how we treat each other. His most recent film which he came out of retirement to produce once the Conservative party came into full government-  I, Daniel Blake has recently won the Palme D.Or at Cannes, portraying the practical, physical and mental struggles that someone in 2016 Britain faces when life throws constant challenges at them.
Up and down the country, you can hear people discussing Ken Loach films and how they have been touched by his devotion to filming real lives e.g. Kes is an outstanding and eye-opening story for British children to read who have not experienced the same background, beautifully filmed by Ken Loach and many stories for adults including Spirit of 45, Cathy Come Home.
A lovely, warm, passionate, talented man

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