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I first heard of People’s University from a fantastic semi-retired doctor when we were marching down the length of the country over a 300 mile route in approx 3 weeks –  unlike me, he completed the full 300 miles albeit with some impressive blisters (I managed over 210 but due to commitments could not be there every day). We were raising awareness that our NHS was under threat of extinction and should be publicly funded, accountable and publicly delivered. Walking together over many miles provided many opportunities to talk about other stuff too.
I have recently reconnected with colleagues / ex colleagues from MHRA and decided to also link in ex colleagues who run an international centre of excellence in water sanitation. We have been talking about doing things like this for years but never got round to it.
People’s University is a nice home for the projects because they will complement their existing clinical and public health content. With all the changes in patient involvement in health, technology developments and resources supporting these – it’s an opportunity to links some of these together alongside the traditional drug/device R&D & regulatory affairs.
If anyone is interested in becoming involved, especially multi-lingual contributors please contact me on Skype nicola.avery, twitter @nicolaavery or via this blog. Everyone is contributing on a voluntary basis.
Outline ideally drafted by late September, possibly parallel development for both projects depending on scope.

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