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I am no longer a member. The party is unrecognisable from the one I joined a few years ago.
There are several reasons – including standing an NHA candidate against a brilliant health campaigner with claims that NHA would do much better. They didn’t and it had major resource implications for other candidate campaigns.
And the Clive situation was final straw.
I don’t have a political home at the moment, the actions of the Labour party and their refusal to be a credible opposition, with other so called left-leaning parties constant use of Marx, Lenin,Trotsky is really irritating.
Vile cowardly right wing thinking with pathetic greedy claims that markets are objective is not an option. As is still being shown -mass murderer Bliar and his team are still destroying public services without the Tories needing to do anything. The curse of Westminster and Oxbridge narrow thinking & academics who care only about their careers.

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