Banning clean athletes is cruel especially vulnerable athletes

I’m currently in the middle of compiling a series of different blogs and articles which have made legitimate scientific, ethical criticism of WADA & McLaren report – some of which have made it into some mainstream media but not all.

The ethics of deciding to ban a Paralympic team based on that report with no further ‘evidence’ openly provided is appalling. How can someone who has had to fight & knows how hard it is to get sporting achievements be so blase about destroying clean athletes with a collective punishment.

It’s difficult enough in the UK – in certain sports at international level as the government has repeatedly cut funding for certain paralympic sports because it doesn’t fit their national policy. Over £35k needed and that doesn’t include any specific allowances for additional equipment or aids so that you can live a decent life. These allowances have also been repeatedly cut by the government in a relentless inhumane pattern of punishing vulnerable people so that they can reward elites.

Imagine in another country where living conditions are different too, how is not possible to work with another country to sort out infrastructure problems etc instead of making political statements that don’t do anything. As before re all the pointlessness of talking deterrents but not actually doing anything that is a deterrent. WADA lost that one years ago with it’s processes and allowances for some athletes & not others. There is no sensible message other than improving how things are done & if the agency or other sports organisations cannot achieve that by themselves, work with other regulators who can.

Out in the real world where people actually care about Russian health and don’t just talk about what it means for Putin (143million people and the media only talk about one), but what it might mean for clean paralympians in Russia who have made phenomenal efforts to get to compete on the international stage. What it means to their careers, their families who made sacrifices, their trainers and coaches who have encouraged them never to give up.

The only humane thing that can be done is to continue to fight back as an international community to ensure that these decisions can never be made again, to help other countries if we have something that may be of use or people who are useful to talk with, to get on and deal with issues quickly instead of stringing them out over multiple cycles. We owe it to all of us.



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