Russia, Olympics part1

I like others are furious at the treatment of Russian athletes before and during the Olympics. I first became aware of what was happening a couple of weeks before Brexit I think. As someone who helps coach young martial artists from time to time I am completely appalled at how the process has been handled. As principles – if you cheat it is an injustice to other athletes, if you call for/impose a punishment on clean atheletes it is an injustice. You cannot say to young people you can achieve anything you want if you train hard etc

It is good to see a Canadian starting to uncover more of the process and the report:

I have previously worked for a drug regulator (not in regulatory role but working in learning & development means you get to talk to different staff around the organisation) and have written some thoughts whilst I was blogless:

In short, technology is changing, drugs or other methods of substance delivery are changing, supply chains are changing and I don’t think a WADA can achieve what it is trying to do re enforcement and regulation. Whilst reading the report and other information about the sporting bodies – I am concerned about the lack of diversity of WADA, IAAF (headed by a British establishment Tory peer), IPC (headed by another Brit) executive & decision making representatives.

Political messages inflame expressions of hatred as evidenced by fans behaviour both on and offline at the Olympics. There is no point in putting Russia or other countries into some kind of political sin bin – it’s ridiculous – why not work with other regulators to actually put in place a realistic long-term deterrent if there is credible evidence but the hype and hastily assembled report makes assertions that it cannot back up (it looks like the author wants to dine out on it academically for a number of years). Russia can lead the way in anti-doping as an example to other countries.

I have been trying to follow bits of the Olympics and as a person interested in sporting achievements – whilst I support Britain (what a legend Mo Farah & others continue to be), it is brilliant to see clean Russian athletes great achievements – a lesson to all of us re indomitable spirit !






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