Mercury and health

After finishing this module in June, I will write about this and links with environmental and public health. Whilst mercury usage can be politicised, there is a lot about it where maybe scientific then clinical solutions could help a lot of existing people and their future offspring. Anyone know any Russian chemists or other countries’ magicians that can convert mercury in oxygen or water as it makes contact?
e.g. haven’t read this yet but took five seconds to find:

and there must be something on the periodic table:

1. Mendeleev D (1869), photograph of original drawing at Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia added by Finot C (2011) available online at https://commons.wikimedia.orwiki/File:Saint-Petersburg_-_Mendeleevsky_center_-_Periodic_table_1.JPG, licenced as per below.

2.Nergal (2008) Radioactive elements, available online at, licenced as per below

Environment course update (and weekend tv)

We are over half-way. It’s a good course, well administered. The modules are a mix of textbooks, online activities and regional face-face tutorials every six weeks. When you’re wandering around on your own for several weeks, I’ve found the tutorials essential for bringing things together or understanding what I have / haven’t thought through properly.

We finished Arctic then the Nile and now onto Amazon until end of March then China then urban. Human and environmental conflicts and impacts are explored in more detail e.g. with the Nile, multi-riparian stakeholder decision making across several countries and this continues with the Amazon. Due to volume of study required won’t go into detail of these right now.

There have been some great series on both BBC and ITV looking at some of the history and health of the large rivers of the world. There’s also great video resources on YouTube about history, scientific field research, biodiversity, geology e.g.

Am looking at Amazon biodiversity right now

What’s on at Rossotrudnichestvo in Kensington in 2019

If you want to learn about Russian culture from Russians this is an ideal starting point. They do have some links with Pushkin House too. They are friendly and helpful, not purely in a diplomatic sense, it’s their personalities too !

Programme (updated regularly, mix of free & £ events – exhibitions, concerts, education, fairs, business events)

No you won’t be kidnapped because they are Russian or any other concerns you have. They may be able to tell you if there is a tour operator offering being tailed & interrogated by the FSB – I haven’t asked them but someone I know has asked if a mild version of this exists (!)

There’s an interesting evening on brainwashing coming up:


Youtube (in Russian)

Photo gallery of centre:

VR, AR, 360, 3D SIG / network at Surrey

In the process of setting this up. When I was last at Surrey it was when virtual worlds and open source 3D design was ascending a Gartner peak in learning technology usage.

It’s not so different now. The introduction of linked headsets, apps and gaming ideas are not yet at the same peak but growing. This was evident at Learning Technologies exhibition yesterday where there were a few VR/AR content creation and management systems starting to appear – aiming at larger companies who don’t have time and resource to develop and/or manage internally. The exhibition and conference are really aimed at private sector who want to buy in solutions, content authoring and still has a lot of companies who are digital agencies doing content creation rather than coming from education. VR / 360 content development is pitched under immersive training / learning umbrella often bundled into a content management system, although some are producing some content for universities.

Our network will meet for first time before June and will post updates on anything of note as and when.

London Array wind farm

Just attended a talk at Surrey University about the construction and ongoing asset management. You can watch this in 360 and virtual reality – I did by testing out VR smartphone headset although some things were clearer just by moving the 360 vidro itself on youtube. 3D of course has always fitted well with engineering – I am looking at procurement for 360 camera for my faculty at the moment.

The wind farm project was massive and with big fossil continuing to move to big renewable, turbine sizes now huge – when they started project in 2009 – it was tight fit to get in for maintenance, now the latest turbines (12MW) have three floors.

DICATS schedule now live and registration open

Registration is free

circle with blue background and small geometric shapes forming the C in dicatsProgram:

Not on the schedule yet but there will be a second Russian presenter joining Varvara with a pre recorded video which will be livestreamed then both presenters will join live for a discussion online using Zoom which may also be streamed on the DICATS VR/360 livestream on YouTube.

A group of digital media students at Roehampton are now managing our social media, hashtags are