DICATS REVOLive – Digital International Creative Arts Therapies Symposium – February 2019

We are working with a great team at Drexel in the US and others will be handling the core management of the mixed reality 360 streaming including networked social media, virtual reality and other interactive technologies throughout the 24 hours of the symposium. The conference will not be hosted via the website, still in draft but mostly available: https://www.dicats.org

Call for proposals – including from non-professionals who have an interest in this area:



We will be passing a virtual baton around the world with each hive site live 360 streaming in mixed reality for 4 hours. We would love other countries would like to host a hive site  and will amend the timings accordingly. Attendees can take part in person, and/or augmented reality, virtual reality, via social media and via the conference online. As this is a creative group of professionals, the streaming will allow for live interactive digital arts making throughout to

  • Share digital/new media innovations and practices that have the potential to impact creative arts therapists and interrelated professions.
  • Showcase and test digital media community building possibilities through pre-recorded, live in-person and VR interactive activities.
  • Generate dialogue between arts therapists and those in adjacent research, educational and creative communities.
  • Generate content from which to develop an evidence-base for therapeutic digital media inclusion and further funding.
  • Generate networks and ideas to develop collaborations for research and reflective practices.
  • Showcase new digital media and arts technologies (technology companies with interest in this area welcome)

I am also exploring possibilities for collaboration with some great Russians or even a possible Russian speaking hive site at the moment. Hoping to visit the VR spaces at the Tretyakov if time permits at the end of August. It’s a lot of technologies at once and we haven’t streamed in 360 or VR before from Roehampton, but why not 🙂

I found this article useful for pointers on mixed realities, also BBC mixed reality R&D

Many NGO workers on the ground don’t speak the local language – new research from Universities of Reading and Portsmouth

Have also informally written about this concept in reference to water sanitation work. This research was conducted in Kyrgyzstan, Malawi and Peru. Full report – English, Russian

Some key problems they found were:

Languages generally have a low priority in development. DFID officials generally assume that NGOs have sufficient language capacity to communicate with aid recipients. But few NGOs have language policies and language needs tend to be underfunded, even though aid workers are keenly aware of the importance of languages in their work. Many NGOs rely on multilingual staff members on the ground to come up with ad hoc solutions. The problem is that staff are not always fluent in the languages and dialects of the communities that they work with, and so interpretations can be sub par. Communities can become confused about the objectives of aid projects, or even misunderstand them entirely.

Many development concepts that are essential to NGO work are not directly translatable into other languages. Examples include accountability, resilience and sustainability. Aid workers often have to invent their own interpretations of these concepts with minimal guidance from management. The interpretations can vary widely, which exacerbates the confusion of the communities about the purpose of aid projects.

These language problems have negative effects on community participation, and the trust that communities have in NGOs. Certain groups, especially those speaking an indigenous language that does not have official status, end up being effectively excluded from participating in project design, and providing feedback on the performance of the NGO. This is an impediment to establishing relationships of mutual respect.1

1.Footitt H, Crack A, Tesseur W (2018) Respecting communities in International Development: languages and cultural understanding, EN version available at: https://www.reading.ac.uk/modern-languages-and-european-studies/Research/mles-listening-zones-of-ngos.aspx

Info and donation site – Portugal wildfires


A relative who lives out there said over 180 people lost their homes in the fires so far.

Learning Russian – cycling information (homework)

Last one of these, my tutor away at the moment.

My town is part of the ‘Ride London’ bike race even though it’s outside London.

Мой город в ‘Ride London’ велогонке хотя это не Лондоне.

It goes up Box Hill, into the town centre then back to London.

Велогонка едеть наверх ‘Вox Hill’ холме влиз в центре и потомна лондоне.

I saw some of the riders. It was raining but several people were near the station to cheer the riders.

Я увидел некоторы велосепедисти идёт дождь но люди смотрели и бодрившей около воксал.

One man was using a megaphone. The cyclists were not together – in small groups so you kept hearing him shouting the same thing.

Мужуина кричал с мегафоном. Велосепедисти не вместе – на маленкий групме. Каждий раз он кричал одно и то же.

He worked at the station. One of his colleagues said he sounded like a cow moo’ing.

Он работает в вокзале. Коллега сказал он как корова мычат!

He was great and he got a free coffee in the pub.

Он очень здорово и потом он пил весплатно кофе в пивнаяе.

I saw the Olympic cycle race a few years ago which uses the same route (but they go up Box Hill 8 times).

Я увидел велогонка олимпиский некоторые лет назад. Это тоже самое но ‘Box Hill’ холмом восемь раз.

We saw a group of riders with same colour as British team and everyone cheered very loudly. I think the US team were surprised to get such a big welcome but they were around the corner before we understood and everyone went quiet.

Мы смотрели групма со то же цвети как великобританьски групма. Все кричали очень громкий. Я думаю этот суприз для сша грука слушали вольшой приветствовать. Но групка исчезла за углом раньше мы понимали и все тихий.

The loudest cheer was for the last rider.

Громкие аплодисменты для последнй велосепедист.

There are now many cyclists every weekend but there are more hills for walking.

И сейчас много велосипедисти каждие выходние но есть много холмые для прогулок.

Falling and balance sessions for older people

I met with Master Worsfold tonight who kindly shared some of his wisdom.

I suggested preparing to run ‘falling’ sessions with big padded mats. Falls are a very common injury and the psychological impact as part of the recovery takes its toll. I thought this would help with confidence as well as physically improve.

If I ran such sessions, I would have to take a morning from regular working day or similar.

Master Worsfold said that these sessions even with padded mats could still cause breaks and other injuries for those who have brittle bones.

He thought this was a longer term option and start with tai chi / yoga / pilates balance improvement which results in fall prevention and learn that until muscle memory ‘remembers’.

I would still like to give sessions from a martial arts perspective but as I have very little experience, would find suitable instructors. Will explore further with Master Worsfold in the early autumn.

Lavender open day

Ride London on so slightly fewer people initially then it filled up. A lot of first time lavender pickers.

We had a fab French teenager whose English was excellent and was brilliant – just got on with things really quickly when we were extremely busy.

Someone had good idea of putting sample bunches and prices round one of the gazebo poles which meant more space for tying people’s bunches and therefore shorter queues.

Always great to see everyone enjoying themselves, having picnics amongst the lavender bushes and little hats of kids which you can just see weaving around the rows.

Corrected chicken information with English

Forgot to put the English last week, so putting above Russian words. Corrections to Russian version in bold



I am now living in a town with some hills.

Сейчас я живу в городе с некоторые холмые.

Сейчас я живу в городе с немного холмов

It is very green

Это очень зелёное место.

I am renting

Я аредую.

In my new home we have three chickens

В моем новом доме у нас есть три курицы.

Two are black and grey with a ted comb (crest)

Две чёрный и серый с красный гребешок

And one is white with a red comb

И одна куритца белый с красный гребешок

Previously I knew a little bit about chickens but we have not lived together.

Перед я знала чуть чуть о курицах жузни но никогда не жили вместе.

By the way we have a small area of the garden for chickens walking about.

Кстати у нас есть маленкая плошадь сада для курицы что вы они могли ходить

But last weekend (my first evening) they escaped under the small fence into the main garden.

Но прошлы выходы (моей первы вечер) они у бегали под маленкый забор и в главный сада.

My landlady thought this was very funny.

моя домовладелица что это подумал очень смешно!

And happy chickens – freedom!

И онень счастливые курицы – свободааааа!

I ran..the chickens ran…

Я побежала курицы побежали.

We waited and 30 min later maybe, my landlady gave the chickens corn and they returned back to their home.

Мы ждали и потом 30 минут может быть, моя домовладелица дает курицы кукурдза и кирицы снова пошли в доме за забором.

Today everything is fine and maybe we are now friends!

Сегодня всё хорошо и может быть мы сейчас друзья.

Why rocks like hanging out with hard places and other areas of stating the obvious

A colleague (on this planet somewhere and yes human) has expressed concern that I might be kidnapped if I attended Russian events in London – this view is based from what the media is putting out and said colleague is still interested in collaboration despite their concern.

Another human is concerned about a totally innocent member of their family might somehow get arrested for something whilst on holiday in Turkey soon – this view is based on what the media is putting out but they are all still going on holiday – to one of the many beautiful areas with many beautiful people there.

Martial artists do know something about rocks and hard places. Just best not to start with Gibraltar, Ayres, asteroid sized rocks and figure out the pebbles.