LearnTech Journals update – another 250 approx journals

Somehow I missed these first time round (!)

Due to time am only going back to 2010 on these but so far quite a few only go back that far anyway. Will post an updated spreadsheet when done, eta June/July

Fake academic and scientific conferences

Both of the below have had academic attendees who have said that the conferences may exist but are either not what they are advertising or of very low quality. In some cases academic staff have found themselves listed on events which they know nothing about. We have a current event now under investigation at Roehampton based on a genuine international conference we are organising.


OMICS / Allied Academies

Vatruschka пирог и торт в лондоне

So there is a beautiful Russian cafe within walking distance of my house selling drinks, cakes, pies. 8 mins walk from Richmond train station. Better go for longer runs this summer. Will take niece and nephew soon.


Too much going on especially with work.

FB deactivated, shrinking twitter & other feeds – still there for various reasons

Taekwondo update soon, may be helping with 3rd club (unnecessary long, boring story)

Richmond park (again)

драники Ukrainian/Russian pancakes

Potato, egg, flour, salt

Filling – fried onions and mushrooms

Boil potatoes until soft then mash. Add egg into mash and mix. ADD flour until dough.

Cover chopping board with flour – take handful of potato and make oval shape. Press into centre and put in some filling then cover over with potato and flour.

Put in frying pan until brown.

Eat очен вкузна 😄

learning technologies research process 0.2

Working version of flowchart revised following meeting with research facilitators for Life Sciences and Psychology (also pasted below). Trying to map this into existing processes for research and existing teaching workloads. In some cases more senior researchers across both disciplines will be familiar with specific journals that they are likely to want to publish in at the end of projects. There is some scope to do research / pure experimentation regardless of journal metrics such as impact factors but with more time pressures with REF, this may not work out all the time (or at all) in practice. For academics who have never done a learning technology project before they will not know the audiences / readership of the journal so the reliance would be on eLearning Advisers such as myself to provide this information / advice. With increased use of student data being collected, ethics processes will need to be more visible and may become more complicated particularly with GDPR and Brexit.

We think potentially  2-3 articles maximum for a project as there will be different publishing guidelines / peer review timescales  / requirements. If we are applying for funding, apparently open access publishing fees are not often allowed to be included in bids. I will check with existing LT open access journals and add to spreadsheet along with some additional journals to be added over next month or so.

Hoping to provide a list of research interests and locations of projects in addition to the journals spreadsheet over the summer so we can look at where they are already working. For example if they are doing a project in Turkey, writing an article for one of the Turkish journals of online education. This could increase visibility and networking (some of which can be quickly looked at with the authors & titles in the learning journals spreadsheet) and find new partners for their main research interests or future learning technology projects.

We have international researchers for whom English is not their first language so being able to write an article quickly in their native language for a journal in their own country and maybe using automated translation to provide a draft for other journals could be an option.  For earlier career researchers, having journal articles even if it’s not within their main interests will be helpful too.

This may not work out at all in practice but this isn’t wasted particularly with the constantly changing requirements and pressures for academics both within their own institutions and potential partners.

flowchart of learning technologies research project with forus swimlanes


Three treasures breathing

Going to do this on Thursday at taekwondo coaching. Master Liam Grange taught this to us as a tai chi warm up at martial arts camp in Bude. This meditation exercise focused on breathing – heaven, earth and humanity


Can’t find a video / images ( will do om Thurs if time) but fwiw

1. Arms in small circle in front of lower dantien, palms slightly upturned and breathe,

2. Arms making circle on front of chest, palms facing into chest and breathe

3. Arms above head (bend elbows to make slight circle above head), palms up to sky and breathe